What LED bulb should I use in my aftermarket headlights?

Aftermarket headlights LED upgrades 

When it comes to upgrade an aftermarket headlight with LED bulbs, the options are very limited. G10, in the case of a headlight using H1 bulbs, has been THE only bulb that not only performs well in a projector lens but that simply fit most design of housings.

There are many brands making H1 bulbs but the ones with enough power to provide any good lumen output won’t fit due to their gigantic cooling system and the ones without a cooling system aren’t bright at all. In fact, so deemed that they shale be used as turn signals at most. 

The clip pin on the headlight will need to be slightly bent to fit around the G10 round body shape but can easily be done. Just  carefully use a pair of pliers to give it the desired shape. Don’t over bend it has they likely going to break if bent back.


G10 bulb - Specs page

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