16EP 80w LED bulb white/yellow/red/green/blue – T20 3156, T20 3157

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  • Sold individually
  • High quality aluminum LED bulbs
  • 16x EP LED chip/bulb
  • Look up the description bellow for more details
  • Available in white, red, green, blue and yellow
  • For turn signal, brake, parking and more
  • 1 year warranty
  • Select your bulb bellow
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Cross references - Bulb similarities - Imperial/Metric

Introducing 16EP LED bulb. 16EP refers to the amount of LED chips per bulb (16) and the LED brand (SMD). Available in several colours (White, Yellow, Green, Red, blue and more on demand) and socket type, here is how you can different apart from one an other. EX:

T25 uses tow bumps to clip in place unlike a T20 little brother

"315" refers to the bottom portion type. Same is used on T20

"7" identifies a dual filament (Two intensity) bulb. One extra pin one each sides

"6" is a single filament bulb (One intensity)


T25 bulb comes in two versions. 3156 and 3157. As explained above, 3156 is a one filament replica of halogen bulb and 3157 is dual.

T25 3156 same as:

– 3155

T25 3157 same as:

– 3057/4057

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T20 3156, T20 3157


White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue


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