Mini LED bulb 10 000LM/set – H11, 9005

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$ 80.19 before tax

  • Sold as a pair: Yes
  • Very compact cooling system
  • Ford f150 2015-2017 perfect fit
  • Brightness in Lumens: 10 000LM/set
  • Brightness in Lumens Lux: Coming soon
  • Luminosity colour: 6 500K (Pure white)
  • LED chip brand: CREE
  • Cooling system: Fan cooled
  • Material: Aluminum 6063 and some plastic
  • Bulb and driver: No driver
  • Plug&play: Yes
  • LED position: 180′ 2 sided
  • Twin side high and low simultaneously: Yes
  • Total LED quantity per bulb: 2/single beam, 4/dual beam
  • Functional DRL: Yes
  • Watt per bulb: 30W
  • Weather proofing: IP65
  • Lifespan: 30 000 hours
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Can-Bus system add on: Needed on all Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep vehicles. Ask us here!


Does this fit my vehicle? Ask us here to find out

 Visit our Head to Head Battle Page to really find out how this bulb perform next to other headlight upgrades in true environments.

Introducing Mini LED bulb

The Mini bulb is a great alternative when space isn’t generous around the bulb itself. Like some of you might know, upgrading to LED bulbs could cause some
frustrations as there shapes very widely from brand to brand. Let take the Ford F-150 2015-2017 for example. This bulb will not only fit but also project a great beam pattern. Same applies for high beams on Rams 2015-up equipped with the projector headlight. Here’s the Mini bulb next to a P9 bulb.

Do not use this bulb for projector headlights:

The head shape of this bulb does not allow light to escape the projector type headlight. Therefore, the beam pattern in terrible. It is ok to use as fogs, high beam mainly.

RemT Certified’s basic solid 2 year warranty against defects at no cost guarantees a stress free experience to our dear customers.


  • <WARNING> Ensure no contact with hard surface against LED chip. Any micro scratches will reduce its lifespan. Keep clean. Avoid touching LED chip with bare hands.
  •  Once ready to install the new G10 bulb into headlight/fog housing, inspect from the front of vehicle, looking into the headlight, and check for bulb position. LEDs should ALWAYS be pointed left and right. Never up and down nor even in a slight angle.
  • If headlights housing is inclosed with a dust cap, simply place the drive box inside. If not inclosed, zip tie the driver against any fix parts near to avoid extreme rattling.

Vehicles using high beam as DRL:

  • Vehicles using high beam as DRL often need a PWM modules to stop the flickering when used on the “AUTO” mode during daylight such as Toyota’s to name only one.
  • This isn’t a decoder/can-bus. It only serves the purpose of boosting the power sent to the LED chips because when the light is used as a DRL, the vehicle only sends 50% of the available power to deem the light.

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9005/HB3, H11/H16JP

1 review for Mini LED bulb 10 000LM/set – H11, 9005

  1. Cory

    Great bulbs, awesome price, great output and easy install

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