T5/74 LED bulbs | Pick a colour

$ 1.54 before tax

  • T5/74 cluster LED 12v bulb
  • Select your preferred colour
  • 5xSMD LED chips/bulb
  • T5 same as 74 bulb (LED)
  • 1 year warranty
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T5 or 74 size bulb are often used in dash, heater control and other interior panels of automobiles. This LED T5 works great to enhance the brightness or to add a touch of colour to your taste.

Plug&play, simply remove the factory bulb with your new RemT T5 LED bulb and you’re all set!

Depending on your vehicle, there will be a mix of T5s and T10s bulb throughout the panel. For accuracy, we suggest you take the time to remove them and send us a picture (emailtoremt551@hotmail.com). That way, you can really by one by one instead of bulk ordering saving you maximum money and not ending up with a ton of unused bulbs.

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White, Blue, Green, red, pink


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