Warranty bulb replacement shipping fee

$ 0.01 before tax

  • Get your free replacement bulb fast
  • Quick and easy warranty process
  • Choose to upgrade to a better performance bulb
  • Warranty timeframe resets


RemT Certified’s warranty bulb replacement shipping fee is required before sending the new unit to consumer. RemT Certified inc. will send the free replacement of same brand and performing products if in stock. The consumer can also decide to upgrade to a higher end product and only pay the difference plus shipping is the total order amount minus previous order total with the defective product is under 80$. In that case, RemT Certified inc. will send you a brand new pair of selected brand rather then just the one replacement bulb.

  • If original purchase was: (EX) 60$, 1 x broken replacement bulb would be = shipping cost per region (more or less then 20$)
  • If original purchase was: (EX) 60$, upgrading to a 80$ set (pair) would be = 20$ + shipping cost per region (more or less then 20$)
  • If original purchase was: (EX) 60$, upgrading to a 140$ set (pair) would be = 80$ + free shipping
  • If original purchase was: (EX) 60$, 1 x broken replacement bulb plus new order of 80$ or more would be = 80$ + free shipping (best value)

Note: every purchase not classified as a “oversize” of 80$ + is free shipping across Canada. All purchases are taxable.

If consumer haven’t completed the warranty report yet, filling out this form (coming soon) is mandatory before purchasing this warranty fee as a RemT Certified inc. representatives will contact the individual to engage proper procedure.

Select add to cart to go head with a simple replacement bulb method. A 0.01$ product will be then added to your cart and shipping cost will be calculated at checkout once address is entered.

If consumer decides to upgrade, here’s the link: Shop for a new set. You will be given a discount code after filling out the form if you plan on upgrading to a product equal to 80$ more then original purchase.

If consumer needs a refund, a refund option from the report form should be selected and a refund will be precessed in the following days minus admin fees (5%).

If consumer wants to return the product, shipping fees are not covered by RemT Certified inc. Shipping address is posted on the report form.


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